Immersive Experiences

Prysm-powered experiences captivate viewers and create unforgettable impressions of your products or services. From interactive displays and video walls to powerful content features, Prysm Visual Workplace turns customer presentations into immersive experiences that consistently engage and accelerate results.

Add visual impact

Enliven presentations with color, graphics and motion. Prysm Visual Workplace lets you integrate many types of content and live sources to enhance your message and engage participants.


Showcase innovation

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to innovation with a next-generation executive briefing center, outfitted with a stunning Prysm video wall powered by Prysm Application Suite. Learn more about Prysm Displays

Make every room an experience

You don’t need a massive auditorium to create an impressive visual centerpiece for customers and prospects. From the conference room to the huddle room, Prysm has an interactive display to fit every room, no matter the size. 

Always look them in the eye

Masterful presenters know that the best way to hold a prospect’s attention is to maintain constant eye contact. Prysm lets you control the visuals using a tablet or remote console, so you never have to turn your back.

Your Complete Collaboration Solution