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Onsite Training

Prysm's training team can come to your location to deliver onsite Prysm Application Suite End User, Prysm Application Suite Administrator and Prysm LPD Technician training courses. Contact your account team for more details.

Custom Use Cases

During initial End User training, new users are taught the standard set of Prysm Use Cases that are utilized by the majority of our customers. This is just the beginning; as you become more experienced with Prysm Visual Workplace, you will find countless way it can improve the way you work.

Our Customer Success team can work with you to develop custom use cases for your company, including everything from the process flow to the graphic design elements. Contact your account team for more details.

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Online Certification

LPD Training


In this course trainees will learn how to service an already constructed LPD wall and also assist on an LPD installation. Trainees will be shown the various components that are within an LPD tile as well as the peripheral components and learn how all parts combine to create a vibrant display system. There will also be plenty of hands-on application; trainees will learn the practical skills needed to be successful on a video wall service call.


  • Installers
  • Technicians
  • IT


  • LPD Overview
  • LPD Power/BTU
  • LPD vs Competition
  • LPD/LCD Specifications
  • LPD/LCD Dimensions/Weights
  • LPD I/O
  • LPD Frames
  • Trim Panel
  • Tile Extractions
  • Tile Installation
  • Tile Alignment
  • LPD Tuner
  • Color Balancing
  • Display Manager
  • Tools Needed
  • Tools Recommended
  • Best Practices




  • Online
  • On-site

Prysm Application Suite Training


To familiarize and demonstrate from an end user’s perspective the best-practices on leveraging Prysm Displays. The aim of this training is to convey essential product functionality, features and use case value. Some of the course objectives include: enabling the user to create projects and workspaces, as well as, navigate through the interactive environment to effectively use Prysm Application Suite.


  • Installers
  • Installers>Technicians
  • Installers>Administrators
  • Installers>Support
  • Installers>IT


  • Prysm Application Suite Overview
  • Prysm Application Suite Benefits
  • The Prysm Environment
  • Standard Use Cases
  • Custom Use Cases



  • Online


This course will explore the various functions that a Prysm Application Suite administrator will be required to perform to support end-users of the Prysm Application Suite software package.  This course is designed to capitalize upon the knowledge gained from the end user course and further expand upon those concepts to develop the skills required to administer and support Prysm Application Suite end users.  After completion of this training, the user is expected to be able to create projects and upload content for use within Prysm Application Suite. The trainee will also be required to understand the concepts of aspect ratios and snap grids and be able to generate new snap grids and aspect ratios as required. The trainee will also be required to understand and manipulate the collaboration appliance (CA) settings through the administration portal.




  • Cloud Options
  • IIC Hardware Install
  • Other Live Sources
  • AD Integration
  • User Management
  • Permission Groups
  • API Integration
  • LPD Wall Mosaic
  • Troubleshooting


  • End-User Training
  • Technician Training


  • Online
  • On-site
  • Remote