Accelerate Development Cycles

Product development is notoriously complex, requiring input from multiple stakeholders. Prysm simplifies collaboration with your extended team, no matter where they’re located or what time zones they’re in.

Sync your physical offices with your digital workplace by enabling your meeting rooms with the Prysm platform.

product management discovery process

Transform The Discovery Process

Prysm supports your mission-critical apps, tools and content, so you can gather and combine input and research from any source, making it easier to define problem statements and map user journeys.

Simplify Requirement Definitions

Capture requirements in Confluence and juxtapose pain points against possible solution sets – without ever leaving the environment. Test supportability, manufacturability and scalability. Map out timelines and enter tickets into JIRA.

Accelerate Planning And Estimating

Invite your extended team to your Prysm workspace so they can provide input and feedback on their schedules.

Streamline Your Sprint Reviews

Conduct product walkthroughs, take screenshots, annotate, compare and contrast baseline against progress.

Finalize Your Release And Customer-Success Plan

Prysm makes it easier to present and hand off new features to sales, solution engineering, and support by preserving the context of the project from requirement definition through releases.