Anywhere, Any Device Access

Prysm's mobile interface extends its digital workplace platform to any mobile device to improve collaboration throughout the enterprise. It bridges the gap between remote and in-office employees by providing anywhere, anytime access to cloud-based workspaces where everyone can create, edit, and share in real time. 

Lead or participate

Leaders are always on the move. While most collaboration solutions let you join a meeting from your phone or tablet, Prysm Mobile lets you easily lead meetings from any device, as well.

“Focus” on content

Focus Mode allows users to zoom in (up to 400%) for easy viewing on smaller devices, without affecting other participants’ views of the content. While in Focus Mode, you can still annotate and leverage content-menu tools.

Access to project files

Mobile users can upload files and download project assets for offline use. It’s the perfect solution for workers who spend a lot of time on the road or in the air

A seamless experience

Start a brainstorming session in the office, then run to catch your plane, while continuing the meeting from your phone. Enjoy a consistent experience, no matter where work takes you.

Full functionality

Prysm Mobile won’t make you sacrifice features. Snapshot and share content. Add or remove workspace participants. Personalize the workspace with a unique background image. Organize content with SnapGrids and more.

Client-free, easy adoption

Access projects from almost any mobile device via a HTML5 web interface. There’s no app to install or configure. And its interface is so intuitive that there’s little to no learning curve.

Transform the way you work

Access private or shared cloud workspaces from anywhere on any device.

Prysm Mobile Demo