Executive Boardrooms

Make decisions that matter with Prysm

Reinvent board meetings with Prysm's digital workplace platform. With Prysm, executives and their teams can work together to prepare and present meeting content,  then preserve that content for future reference and review. Content, applications, videoconferencing, and the web unite to enable dynamic presentations, productive meetings, and faster decision making.


Streamline Meeting Preparation

Avoid long email review threads and version-control issues by creating a project repository for all meeting content. Multiple contributors and reviewers can log on from anywhere, on any device, to add content, review, or annotate — making revision control a breeze. Read the Prysm Blog article 'Board Meetings Reimagined'



Deliver Dynamic, Content-Rich Presentations

Board meetings require a variety of multimedia content, including video, audio, web applications, documents, and spreadsheets. Prysm's digital workplace platform combines rich content in a single interface, accessible from a Prysm or 3rd party display or mobile device, so you can communicate your big ideas clearly and persuasively. 
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Join from any device. Any time.

Join From Any Device. Any Time.

Executives and board members have busy agendas and travel calendars, making scheduling a challenge. Prysm enables attendees to present, access, and interact with live meeting content from meeting rooms, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, so even remote attendees can actively participate. Learn more about the platform.

Keep the Momentum Going

Keep The Momentum Going

Never again lose time because meeting notes were delayed or decisions or action items weren't accurately captured. Prysm's cloud-based workspaces are persistent project repositories that preserve both content and context, so if you miss a meeting or need to revisit, you can see the information and how it evolved. 

If your boardroom doesn’t require full digital workplace functionality, add one-touch access to a digital whiteboard, as well as wired and wireless device sharing, with Prysm Go.

  • Prysm Video Wall at Phrma

    PhRMA Boardroom

    “We were looking for leading-edge technology that met PhRMA’s collaboration needs. Prysm offered exactly that—the ideal combination of versatile software along with a revolutionary display.” – David Sheggrud, director of the Mid-Atlantic region for TRITECH Communications


The Experience Matters

See all your critical information with Prysm interactive displays and video walls, or use your existing displays with Prysm's digital workplace platform to upgrade the experience delivered in every workspace.