Let's Get Started:

  1. From the Welcome screen, open the canvas by selecting Sketch or Connect Device.

    A blank canvas is displayed. You can sketch directly on the blank canvas or share content from your device.

  2. To sketch directly on the blank canvas, use the sketch tools to create a new sketch.:

       Function    Icon    Description
       Color  pen-color.jpeg Sketch color
       Width  pen-diameter.jpeg Sketch width
       Erase  eraser.jpeg Erases sections of the sketch 
       More  more.jpeg Opens additional tools
       Trash  trashcan.jpeg Clears all sketches
       Share  share.jpeg Opens the Email dialog box so you can share content via email
       Background  background.jpeg Changes the sketchboard background from black to white
       Grid  grid.jpeg Adds grid lines to the sketchboard
       Full screen  fullscreen.jpeg Minimizes the toolbar so you have a larger work area

    1. Select a pen color and a pen diameter to create a drawing or notes.
      select-a-pen-color.jpeg select-a-pen-diameter.jpeg

    2. To erase, select the eraser.
      Move your finger, a stylus, or a mouse over the part of the sketch you want to erase. For faster erasing, use two fingers to expand the eraser width. Any content between your fingers is erased.

    3. To save the sketch, select Email Content.

    4. In the Email dialog box, enter the email addresses that you want to email the sketch to and select Send.


    5. To erase the entire sketch, select More and then Trash
      more.jpeg trashcan.jpeg
      *Warning: if you clear a sketch without emailing it, the sketch is permanently deleted.

  3. To share content from your device on the display:

    1. Make sure that your device is connected to a wireless network that has communication enabled with the wired Prysm display network. You may need a VPN connection or authentication. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.
      Your device must meet the following minimum operating system requirements:
      • iOS 7.0 or higher (on iPhone, iPad, and iPod)
      • Mac OS 10.8 or higher
        Additional wireless interface options will be added in the future.
    2. Connect your device to the display using an HDMI cable or Apple AirPlay. The display name is shown at the top of the display.display-name.png
      Upon connection, content from your device is automatically shared on the display.

    3. Use your device normally to navigate to presentations or documents for collaboration. 
    4. Add notes or markups using the Sketchboard tools.


    5. To save the content, click Email Content

      In the Email dialog box, enter the email addresses that you want to email the sketch to and select Send.
      *Warning: if you clear the content without emailing it, the content is permanently deleted.

    6. To display another device, select the device from the list of connected devices.
      *Note: if you are connected using Apple AirPlay and your device goes into sleep mode, it is removed from the display. Reconnect your device to the display using Apple AirPlay.

    7. To stop sharing, turn off Apple AirPlay Mirroring from your device or unplug the HDMI cable.

  4. To exit, select End Session.

    This closes the session and clears your data. You have 30 seconds to return to the session or you are automatically disconnected.


    1. Select End Session again to close the session immediately.
    2. Select Keep Working to continue working with the sketchboard and connected devices.