Prysm Application Suite

    Collaboration at Your Fingertips

    Powered by Prysm Application Suite—Prysm's highly intuitive and easy-to-use collaboration system, Prysm Visual Workplace delivers a seamless collaboration experience that helps organizations drive active engagement, streamline communications, increase productivity and make decisions that matter. It’s as easy to use as a tablet—pinch, zoom, swipe and move content, and add sources and files with a simple tap. Prysm Visual Workplace puts powerful collaboration capabilities at your fingertips.

    Dynamic workspaces

    Meet in-person or online via highly visual cloud-based workspaces. Move, resize and view multiple pieces of content onscreen simultaneously. Integrate video and web pages to add visual interest to presentations, augment communication and help extract actionable insights.

    Advanced collaboration features

    Digital whiteboards, onscreen annotation and screen-capture capabilities add powerful functionality to any meeting. Compare and email full-screen snapshots from earlier meetings or view multiple whiteboards and data sources side by side. 

    Anywhere, any-device access

    Users can join or lead meetings from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Participant actions from up to 25 locations are mirrored, so that everyone sees the same content and updates simultaneously. Workspaces are saved and stored in the cloud, so they’re always synced and accessible.

    Flexible and integrated

    Leverage a variety of live inputs, including video, telepresence and web apps. Enjoy seamless, out-of-the-box integration with leading tools, including Box, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Skype for Business and most major VTC solutions.

    Easy meeting management

    Project owners can assign access and edit rights in whatever way makes sense for each team and project.  Prysm’s simple UI enables participants to quickly become power users, so the technology never obstructs progress.

    Secure and supported

    All content is secured with enterprise-level encryption and backed up on multiple, redundant servers. Our world-class support experts are available 24/7. We take care of setup, hosting and troubleshooting.

    Transform your workplace

    Prysm Visual Workplace combines content and applications into a cloud-based workspaces where everyone can create, edit and share at the same time - from any device anywhere. 

    Prysm Application Suite Demo

    Prysm Application Suite combines any application, the web, and video teleconferencing into a seamless digital workspace for an experience that can be shared and simultaneously worked on by many locations.

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