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Prysm Launches Collaboration Solution for Meeting Rooms

Using Prysm Go, meeting attendees get one-touch access to digital whiteboards, allowing them to draw diagrams, add notes and more. Source: Read more

New Prysm Go Is Designed to Turn All Meeting Rooms Into a Collaboration Room

Prysm says its new Prysm Go platform ‘offers simple huddles to advanced collaboration environments while providing rapid meeting start.’ Source: Read more

Prysm Go Transforms Meeting Rooms into Advanced Collaboration Spaces

Prysm says its new Prysm Go platform ‘offers simple huddles to advanced collaboration environments while providing rapid meeting start.’ Source: Read more

The Drone's the Limit at Prysm Labs

While Prysm Avatar is a fun concept for April Fools’ Day, if you look more closely, it also represents the future of work, and the type of futuristic software solutions Prysm is helping to make reality. Source: Read more

Smart Cities Project: Dell EMC, Prysm Come Together to Offer Solutions

Digital-canvas collaboration firm Prysm will provide command-and-control center implementation and dashboards, while Dell EMC will bundle its core ICT infrastructure in the Smart City ecosystem solution, writes Mohd Ujaley of FinancialExpress.   Source: Read more

What Are the 12 Key Habits to Collaboration?

Some of the largest, most successful global organizations have key habits to collaboration. That may seem like a small number, but best-selling author, futurist, and leading keynote speaker on the future of work Jacob Morgan insists that these  key habits to collaboration are all that separate successful organizations from organizations that aren’t collaborating effectively. Source: Read more

11 New Collaborative Tools to Boost BYOD Meeting Connections

Far too often, people and technology fail to make a meaningful connection in the collaboration environment. Tragically, a 2016 Forrester Consulting study cited in Prysm’s “Driving Innovation: The CIO’s Guide to Collaborative Technologies” report revealed that only 26 percent of information workers believe that their company provides the tools they need to collaborate successfully.  The resulting disenchantment stifles creativity and productivity, affecting outcomes across the board. Fortunately, the next generation of collaboration and mobility technologies were built to bring more bliss to these encounters. This article contains some helpful tips to bring more connection to your next meeting. Source: Read more

Workplace Redesign for Millennials

Today’s technology changes are largely influenced by the millennial generation—a generation that has a completely different mindset from Gen Xers or the baby boomers Source: Read more

Tech for Teams That Work: Key Trends In Real-Time Collaboration & Web-Based UC

As collaboration technology has become an essential vehicle through which enterprises do business, the need for treating it as more than a tool is apparent. There’s no argument that when examining specific solutions, tech managers must look at platforms, software, and devices; but before getting down to the nitty gritty, they should start to consider collaboration as a core part of their organization’s infrastructure.  Source: Read more

Tufts Buys Prysm Boards to Offer Increased Class Technological Integration

Tufts purchased two Prysm Visual Workplaces earlier this semester on a trial basis, according to Christine Fitzgerald, service marketing and communications manager at Tufts Technology Services. Source: Read more

Prysm Delivers Collaboration Solutions In the Demanding Large Enterprise Market

Prysm is a digital workplace technology firm focused on the way people work. In this podcast, David Schweer, director of product marketing at Prysm, we learn about a unique approach to workforce collaboration. Prysm’s approach is thoroughly multi-vendor platform. Source: Read more

Why are employers doubling down on the workplace?

Tech companies such as Google and Facebook are known for their informal, non-traditional work environments. But these days, even older, more staid firms are creating headlines in this space, rethinking not only how their employees work, but also where that work happens.  Source: Read more

Communication and Collaboration for the Smaller Meeting Room Environment

Huddle rooms, meeting rooms that normally seat four to six people, can be outfitted with technology to communicate and collaborate with those inside, as well as outside, the organization. Huddle rooms have become a booming focus for the enterprise.   Source: Read more

The Prysm Digital Canvas – Collaboration on Steroids rAVe [Publications]

rAVe Pubs blog: The word collaboration is hackneyed in AV — but, I feel we need keep using it as it does, in fact, define a trend in business. People want to connect, share and work in groups — whether they are in person or working via the Internet. Source: Read more

Prysm Announces Kaybus Acquisition

Enhanced security, robust search and single sign on among key acquisition attributes of company that once served as a vendor for Prysm, Commercial Integrator reports. .  Source: Read more

A knowledge hub like India needs effective collaboration solutions: Prysm

Being a global knowledge hub with a vast workforce of young and energetic millennials makes it imperative for India to have effective collaboration tools, according to Kumar GB, vice-president (Asia-Pacific), Prysm Inc, tells India's Business Standard. Source: Read more

We are not competing with other apps but rather enabling them to collaborate cloud: Prysm

In an exclusive interaction with Dataquest, Amit Jain, President and CEO of Prysm, Inc., divulged on how the collaboration solutions provider is enhancing its offerings with Prysm Visual Workplace and its plans to move ahead in India. Source: Read more

NetworkWorld: New Products of the Week, 2.13.17

Ryan Francis includes Prysm in his roundup of products of the week. Source: Read more

Prysm Talks Collaboration at ISE 2017 (Video)

Prysm discusses collaboration — both in-room and out — with AVNation's Tim Albright. Source: Read more

ISE 2017 : The AV World Hits Amsterdam

Wainhouse Research Senior Analyst/Partner Ira Weinstein's briefing note showcases a few of the highlights of his trip to ISE, particularly ideation solutions, video-conferencing endpoints, microphone / audio systems, and more. Source: Read more

Prysm Updates its Visual Workplace to Incorporate Centralized Live Source Streaming

ZDNet's Eileen Brown reports on Prysm Visual Workplace's new features, which include Live Source Streaming, Quick Start, and Wireless Screen Sharing, as well as third-party display-hardware compatibility. Source: Read more

ISE 2017: Gary Kayye and Paige O’Neill Demo Prysm Visual Workplace Software on Third-Party Displays

Prysm CMO Paige O'Neill demonstrates Prysm Visual Workplace's third-party display-hardware compatibility to rAVe Pubs' Gary Kayye at ISE 2017. Source: Read more

NetworkWorld: 3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

In her monthly blog for IDG's NetworkWorld, Prysm’s CMO, Paige O’Neill writes: "Is productivity a challenge where you work? If so, here are three concrete ways you can start improving your team’s performance." Source: Read more

rAVe Publications Videocast by CMO Paige O'Neill: Prysm is Making Their Software Available on 3rd Party Hardware

Prysm’s CMO, Paige O’Neill  joins a special ISE edition videocast, where she discusses the company's new features and functionality and gives rAVe Pubs a glimpse of its new interface.  Source: Read more

Prysm Opens Visual Workplace to Third Party Hardware

AVNetwork writes about the ISE 2017 announcement that Prysm Visual Workplace is now compatible with third-party hardware. Source:   Read more

Prysm Launches Quick Start, Other Collaboration-Friendly Features at ISE 2017

Commercial Integrator covers Prysm Visual Workplace's new features, including Quick Start, Wireless Screen Sharing, Live Source Streaming and third-party display-hardware compatibility. Source:   Read more

Cisco faces a tougher collaboration rival in updated Prysm

New features and functionality make Prysm Visual Workplace stiff competition for the Cisco Spark Platform, according to PCWorld writer Stephen Lawson. Source:   Read more

Immersive Solution Transforms Sprint

AV Magazine takes readers on a tour of Sprint’s new Executive Briefing Center at its headquarters in Overland, Kansas, featuring a massive curved Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) running Prysm Visual Workplace. Source: Read more

What is New and Cool in Visual Collaboration @ ISE 2017

Prysm, Inc. showcases the way its technology is enabling enterprise teams to work smarter together at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam. Source: Read more

We See Scope for Virtual Workplace Solutions in Smart Cities

Varadha Raju, vice president and country head, Prysm India, talks about the technology market and virtual workplace solutions in India. Source: Read more

rAVe Publications Podcast by CMO Paige O'Neill: Prysm Visual Workspace is on the Edge of the Future

In an interview with rAVE Pubs, Prysm’s CMO, Paige O’Neill updates listeners on Prysm's transformation from a display company to a collaboration company with Prysm Visual Workspace's SaaS initiative. Source: Read more

Interview with Paul Evenson, Prysm's VP of Global Services and Information Technology interviews Paul Evenson about his experience as a CIO, as well as his insights into the hottest trends in collaboration technology.  Source: Read more

San Jose based Prysm helping clients define new way of working; honcho Amit Jain explains how

San Jose, California-based Prysm is helping enterprises define a new way of work. One where applications, content, video conferencing and the web can all be easily combined into a visual workspace where teams can create, edit and share. These interactive workspaces are stored in the cloud and available on any sized screen, says Amit Jain, president and CEO, Prysm. Source: Read more

New technology makes collaboration across different platforms easier

In this article, Amit Jain talks with The Hindu about Prysm Visual Workplace platform being agnostic to third-party technology. Source: Read more

Prysm Sparks Team Innovation and Collaboration at GE Headquarters

In an effort to spark team innovation and collaboration, GE has chosen to implement Prysm Visual Workplace into its new interim headquarters in Boston and other locations. Source: Read more

Indy Outpost Fuels Big Growth For Silicon Valley Firm

In this article, Paige O’Neill talks with Indianapolis Business Journal about Prysm's expansion from hardware to selling total solutions. Source: Read more

Why you need a digital workplace

In this article, Paige O’Neill, Prysm’s chief marketing officer, blogs about the digital workplace—a new paradigm for collaboration and teamwork. Source: Read more

Prysm Plans for ‘Borderless Meeting Room’

In this article, Paige O’Neill, Prysm’s chief marketing officer, discusses where the company is pushing the collaboration category going forward. Source: Read more

5 Workplace Collaboration Trends CIOs Should Know (Infographic)

In this article, Craig MacCormack, veteran journalist for Commercial Integrator, reports on a new Forrester Consulting study released by Prysm, that finds outdated collaboration technologies stifle productivity, slow revenue growth and impede time-to-market. Source: Read more

Looking at the World of Collaboration through a Prysm

In this article, Erik Linask group editorial director for Cloud Computing Magazine, demos Prysm Visual Workplace, a business collaboration solution and experiences, firsthand, how Prysm is helping businesses redefine how they collaborate and add value to group interactions. Source: Read more

Innovative Spaces: Sabre Puts Focus on User Experience

The Design Studio is one of the first things Sabre’s clients notice when they step inside the sprawling headquarters in Southlake. The centerpiece is the 5ft by 16ft interactive video wall in the boardroom created by Prysm.  Source: Read more

The “New” Video Conferencing Goes Way Beyond Video

Dana Corey, vice president of global partnerships for Prysm spoke to rAVe Pubs about effective visual collaboration technology is long overdue. Source: Read more

We Call Ourselves a Content Driven Visual Collaboration Platform: Prysm

Kumar G.B, vice president of Asia Pacific for Prysm spoke to Dataquest divulging how the company plans to move ahead in India and in what verticals it plans to focus more significantly. Source: Read more

Q&A: What You Need to Know About Prysm’s New Collaboration Solutions

Prysm speaks with Commercial Integrator about its seamless collaboration solution, Prysm Visual Workplace, and offers some tips and advice for sales and installations. Source: Read more

Get Visual, Get Immersive, Get Collaborative

Immersive collaboration spaces don't just facilitate engagement, they deepen it and that can be transformative. Schlesinger Associates, a global market research company, currently has immersive collaboration spaces with Prysm Visual Workplace at 3 of its 26 locations worldwide.  Source: Read more

The Shocking Truth Behind Technology and Today’s Workforce

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Prysm, the technology employees are currently using may not be supporting an increasingly mobile workforce or fostering collaboration. Source: Read more

Prysm’s Digital Displays Make TV Debut on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Prysm is ramping up its customer experience center (CEC) presence, having just unveiled a 16th location in San Jose and its eighth in 2016 alone. Source: Read more

How Prysm Technology Is Raising the Bar for Research Collaboration

Using Prysm Visual Workplace, Schlesinger Associates is uncovering answers for clients quickly and easily, and improving collaboration across the board. Source: Read more

Key Ingredients of a Successful Collaboration Space

Earlier this year, Prysm Inc., a collaboration solutions developer based in San Jose, Calif., commissioned Forrester Research to examine collaboration technology use in the enterprise. The study surveyed 1,000 professionals at organizations in the U.S. and U.K. working in companies with 1,000 employees or more. Two-hundred of those surveyed work in IT and facilities, and 800 are “information workers”—those who are actually supposed to be taking advantage of the benefits collaborations systems can offer during meetings. Source: Read more

Video Conferencing is No Longer Enough: Raising the Bar for Collaboration

Collaboration has evolved continuously. Once it meant working together in a room. Not long after it meant video conferencing across the country or world. Today it means a whole lot more than simple video conferencing. Source: Read more

The Rise of the Visual Workspace and Immersive Telepresence

The visual workspace and collaboration market has become an important component of the communications space, facilitating productivity and encouraging innovation and remote sharing of work. Prysm is mentioned in this article on TMCnet, The Conferencing Zone. Source: Read more

Content, Context, Persistence Keys to Visual Collaboration in the Enterprise

Source: Read more

16 True and Total Collaboration InfoComm Products You Need To Know About

Source: Read more

Remote collaboration becomes hands-on with visual workspaces

Luke O'Neill Dispersed workers, data visualization, cloud services and workplace modernization are driving forces behind an emerging set of immersive, remote collaboration products. As more employees work from home or on the road and companies continue to decode data, it's essential that remote team members can collaborate seamlessly with in-office co-workers. Source: Read more

Collaboration Tools Woefully Ineffective, Says IT Pros

Source: Read more

AVNation Selfie 2016 Video at InfoComm

Source: Read more

Transforming the Industry at InfoComm 2016: My Disruptive Top 10

Source: Read more

Gary Kayye's InfoComm 2016 Video Interview with Prysm

Gary Kayye from rAVe Publications Interviews Paige O’Neill From Prysm About Display Technology in the Prysm booth at InfoComm 2016. Watch the video.  Source: Read more

Engage the Disengaged Worker with Prysm Visual Workplace

Source: Read more

Gary Kayye Interviews Paige O’Neill From Prysm About Display Technology

Source: Read more

Prysm Introduces Features of the Prysm Visual Workplace

Source: Read more

Prysm Adds Access to Prysm from Mobile Devices

Source: Read more

Prysm Shows Off a Merchandising and Retail Case Study

Source: Read more

Prysm Explains the Prysm Visual Workplace Solution for Collaboration

Source: Read more

Trade Show Minute: An Interview with Paige O’Neill of Prysm

Source: Read more

Prysm Brings Mobility to Its Visual Workplace at InfoComm 2016

Source: Read more

Joel Rollins Talks to Prysm’s CMO Paige O’Neill

Source: Read more

Prysm in High Spirits for InfoComm16

Source: Read more

Prysm’s InfoComm Presence will Absolutely Impress

Source: Read more

rAVEpubs Interviews Prysm’s Paige O’Neill

Source: Read more

Prysm Unifies Content and Applications into Cloud-based Workspaces

Source: Read more

Meeting the Tech Demands of a Millennial Workforce

Source: Read more

Power of Prysm is all about Technology collaboration lifecycle

Source: Read more

6 Collaboration Software Essentials

Source: Read more

These are the official ISE 2016 Award Winners!

Source: Read more

Prysm Enterprise Boosts Collaboration and Might Kill Off Conference Calls

Source: Read more

Prysm Moves Into Enterprise Collaboration Space

Source: Read more

Video Wall Helps Walmart Employees Collaborate

Video Wall Helps Walmart Employees Collaborate Source: Tagged: installation news Read more

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