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    Under Armour's Corporate Video Wall Strikes a Stunning Impression

    Posted by David Schweer on May 24, 2016 1:33:00 PM

    Ranking #9 of Forbes' "Most Innovative Companies" and cracking the top 100 on the magazine's "America's Best Employers," Under Armour knows what it takes to create not only a great product, but also a stellar working environment.

    Under Armour has found a way to bring next-generation interactivity into its corporate headquarters through a massive touch-screen video wall—an impressive focal point featuring dynamic content, news feeds, streaming events and videos. It also serves as a means for collaboration on branding and campaigns, and delivers a "wow" factor so far beyond traditional office visuals that it has become a key touchpoint in the company's pitches to attract celebrity endorsements. See more "wow walls."

    Innovative digital workspaces like Under Armour's foster opportunities for dialog and creativity among in-office and remote employees, as well as with prospective customers. While this video wall's striking scale may be out of reach for some companies, it is definitely a preview of what will soon become the norm in office design and operations.

    If you find yourself in Under Armour's corporate headquarters, you can't miss this must-see attraction, and we are happy to say it is powered by Prysm.

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