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Adam Cuzzort

Adam Cuzzort is Prysm’s Chief Technology Officer for software, leading a talented team of architects, software engineers and UX professionals to bring innovative, highly effective solutions to customers. Before joining Prysm, Adam served as Chief Technology Officer for Anacore, Inc.
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Four Technology Trends That Will Shape the Workplace in 2019

New and emerging technologies are transforming the workplace, helping organizations manage and optimize performance amidst profound cultural shifts that are changing the way people think about where and how they work. As a result, the workplace is more technology-oriented than ever before, but challenges related to the integration of information and process efficiencies remain significant hurdles for many (if not most).

Prysm: Powered by Cloud, with Security in Mind

When I talk to customers, inevitably the words “cloud” and “security” are tightly linked. In a modern digital world where we see high-profile data leaks and hacks on a regular basis, IT organizations are taking more precautions to ensure sensitive corporate IP is kept secure.