Prysm Video Wall Solutions Let You Think Big

Whether its advancing your brand, driving higher sales, or making your team more productive, our video walls create the immersive and engaging experiences that make an impact. Built on our innovative Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology – boasting the highest energy efficiency of any large format digital display solution – Prysm video walls can scale to widths of over 100 feet. Download the brochure.

Olympic Video Walls

Olympic video walls allow architects, designers, and brand managers to create and customize unique, immersive experiences, engaging digital signage, and unrivaled audience engagement in any number of environments.

Cascade Collaboration Video Walls and Displays

Cascade video walls and displays let your team collaborate at a whole new level. Offering the perfect combination of size, resolution, and brightness, they deliver crisp, beautiful images. With a wide range of interactivity options including touch, motion, and interaction through your mobile device, Cascade video walls and displays make collaboration easy. Download the solution overview.



Cascade 190

Display Diagonal: 190"
Display Area: 75 sq ft
Resolution: 3,843 x 1,280 pixels (2x 1080HD capable)

Download the Cascade 190 product specification sheet.


Cascade 117

Display Diagonal: 117"
Display Area: 42 sq ft
Resolution: 2,135 x 1,280 pixels (1080HD capable)

Download the Cascade 117 product specification sheet.

Cascade 85

Display Diagonal: 85"
Display Area: 21 sq ft
Resolution: 4K UHD

Download the Cascade 85 product specification sheet.

Cascade 65

Display Diagonal: 65"
Display Area: 13 sq ft
Resolution: 4K UHD

Download the Cascade 65 product specification sheet.


Totally Immersive

Prysm video walls deliver an unrivaled visual experience that can communicate brand messaging with impact or bring a world of information before your eyes on one stunning digital canvas. For your lobby, conference center, control room, or store, we can customize a video wall solution to your specific requirements. Two feet wide or a hundred, LPD video walls can scale with your imagination. Combining unmatched sharpness and clarity with 178° viewing angles, they maximize the usefulness of any space.

Easy to Customize and Deploy

With its tile-based architecture, LPD video walls can be tailored for the needs of your specific space. Assembled on site, the components of an LPD video wall can be transported up stairs or elevators with ease. They can be implemented as a freestanding display requiring no alterations to the surrounding room. Their high energy efficiency means that LPD video walls run cool and can be deployed without the need for HVAC or electrical system upgrades.

Endlessly Engaging

Engage your audience like never before. LPD video walls offer a host of interactivity options from touch and gesture to interfacing with a smartphone or tablet. Multiple people can interact with the video wall simultaneously opening up a world of possibilities beyond the confines of small displays.

Sustainably Smart

What if you could get all the benefits of LPD technology and the highest energy efficiency available? You can. In fact, LPD video walls deliver incredible visual impact while using up to 75% less energy than competing large format display technologies. No phosphor burn in, no consumables, no toxic chemicals, long operating lives, and unmatched energy efficiency make LPD video walls the sustainably smart choice.

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