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Interview with Paul Evenson, Prysm's VP of Global Services and Information Technology interviews Paul Evenson about his experience as a CIO, as well as his insights into the hottest trends in collaboration technology. 

Top Five Strategies to Keep Remote Employees Engaged Revealed in New Report

From Millennials to Boomers, How to Successfully Address the Mindset of Today’s Workforce

San Jose based Prysm helping clients define new way of working; honcho Amit Jain explains how

San Jose, California-based Prysm is helping enterprises define a new way of work. One where applications, content, video conferencing and the web can all be easily combined into a visual workspace where teams can create, edit and share. These interactive workspaces are stored in the cloud and available on any sized screen, says Amit Jain, president and CEO, Prysm.

New technology makes collaboration across different platforms easier

In this article, Amit Jain talks with The Hindu about Prysm Visual Workplace platform being agnostic to third-party technology.

GE Chooses Prysm to Power Team Innovation Through Digital Collaboration

Prysm Visual Workplace selected as key technology at new headquarters and other locations

Prysm Sparks Team Innovation and Collaboration at GE Headquarters

In an effort to spark team innovation and collaboration, GE has chosen to implement Prysm Visual Workplace into its new interim headquarters in Boston and other locations.

Indy Outpost Fuels Big Growth For Silicon Valley Firm

In this article, Paige O’Neill talks with Indianapolis Business Journal about Prysm's expansion from hardware to selling total solutions.

Why you need a digital workplace

In this article, Paige O’Neill, Prysm’s chief marketing officer, blogs about the digital workplace—a new paradigm for collaboration and teamwork.

Prysm Plans for ‘Borderless Meeting Room’

In this article, Paige O’Neill, Prysm’s chief marketing officer, discusses where the company is pushing the collaboration category going forward.

5 Workplace Collaboration Trends CIOs Should Know (Infographic)

In this article, Craig MacCormack, veteran journalist for Commercial Integrator, reports on a new Forrester Consulting study released by Prysm, that finds outdated collaboration technologies stifle productivity, slow revenue growth and impede time-to-market.